Angular 6 – Google Drive Api v3 example

I am building a website for hosting and streaming some audio books which I found on the Internet. I decide to use Google Drive for storing my audio files because Google allows me to stream directly from his server. The boring steps what I have to do are downloading audio files, uploading them to Google Drive, publish them and get their links and add the links to the audio player in my website. All by hand! So I start to write a small tool for saving my time with all these steps. First I try to upload the files by myself to Google Drive without using his website. In this post, I will write down the steps I’ve done to integrate Google Drive API into an Angular application. My demo application has a pretty simple UI.

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AuVid Splitter – Tools for splitting MP3 files

I’m creating a website for hosting some audio books in Vietnamese for my own. I use Google Drive for hosting my audio .mp3 files. Google Drive is great but there is a problem with the streaming for the big audio files (greater than 90 MB). For downloading or streaming those big files, Google will display a message that the file is too big for scanning virus and ask if the user would like to download it anyway. So, in this case, the audio player can’t stream the .mp3 files anymore.
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.Net Core Web Api – Basic Authentication

For some of my pet projects, I would like to activate the basic authentication for protecting my web API services from unwanted accesses. .Net core allows us to register our middleware to be used as a pipeline in application scope so that we can inject our custom code for handling request before they go to our service. In the code listing below, I show you how to create a middleware and use it
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DropLock – Unlock the locked file in Windows

During the deployment, sometimes I encountered the problem that the files are currently locked and the files can be overwritten. The deployment will then fail and I can’t configure out which process is currently locking the file. I do need a tool to unlock the file by killing the other processes but I just need a portable tool which doesn’t require an installation. Most of the available tool requires an installation so that they can manipulate the context menu on right mouse click to insert their options for unlocking. Therefore I write myself a very simple tool to list all processes accessing the file and kill them all.
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.Net Core – NHibernate with MySQL

I’m making a website for storing my audiobooks which based on WordPress. I get the audio files from the internet, post it to my Google Drive and stream them over my website. But I have to create a playlist for them which I do it manually for now. It’s really time-consuming, therefore, I decided to write a small service to write directly to the WordPress database and create the playlist at one click. In this post, I will show you how to do CRUD action with MySQL by FluentNHibernate.

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[Solved] First fit problem

Today I encountered a very simple problem but shame on me, after more than 10 years as software engineer, I just messed up all things and could hardly figure out how it works. Even with the solution at that moment, I wasn’t satisfied because I just lost the control of my code. I could tell you that’s very, very bad feeling. It’s not the point if the code works or not any more. It’s the point of confidence. When you lost your confidence, everything else collapsed. Sometimes I was just stupid at the wrong moment. 🙂

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How to install Ubuntu (Nodejs) on Hyper-V?

Since I installed Docker for Windows, I can’t use VirtualBox anymore because Docker requires Hyper-V active and VirtualBox can’t live happily together with Hyper-V. So I have to move all of my virtual machines from VirtualBox to Hyper-V to keep using Docker and virtual machines at the same time. In this blog, I would like to write down the steps for installing Ubuntu and Node.js on Hyper-V

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Python – How to download image from Google Search?

I’m training myself to learn machine learning and A.I. When I get started with Tensorflow for transfer learning, I would like to have some images for my training set. The images can be easily found by Google Image Search but I found no way to get all found images downloaded to my local machine. There’re some add-ons for Google Chrome such as Firefox but they don’t really work. They crash most of the time when I start to download them. Therefore I have to write myself a small tool to get this job done for me. In this blog post, I would like to show you how I made it with Python.

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.Net Core – Entity Framework Migration and Sqlite

In previous post, I showed you how to implement a custom migration without using Entity Framework for Sqlite database in .Net core. In this post, I’ll use Entity Framework Migration to manage (upgrade / downgrade) our database structure. Both of approaches will work, you can choose one of 2 solutions as you prefer.

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.Net Core – How to publish an ASP.NET core application to Linux host

With the growth of many cheap Linux VPS providers and the new releas of .NET core, we have a possibility to host our applications with a low cost. In this post, I would like to write down the steps how I published a ASP.NET core application to a Linux VPS. The application is just a simple “Hello World!” ASP.NET core. The code will be compiled and deployed manually on the Linux VPS. In praxis, you can automatically deploy your app over FTP or use Git to check out the release branch, build and deploy.

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