Winter in Munich

Today I went out to buy a goodbye card. A friend of my girlfriend will leave Germany and come to America. She does not want to live in Germany anymore.  By the way I made some photos of me and place where I live. Yesterday evening snow began to fall and therefore today all of streets, cars are coverd by snow.

In the slide show you can also see a small glase vase. That is a valentine gift for my girlfriend. In this glass vase the cactus is planted. They are very beautiful. The shop assistant said that man must water it one time a week and the plants can live for a long, long time.

This is the slide show

When I published this slide show, I considered which service I should use. After thinking for … a minute, I decided to use Picasa of Google because I have uploaded a lot of images into this service and I have some experience working with it. And I though it must be easy to embed a web album of picasa, but after looking for this feature, I knew that I was wrong.
I could not find where this feature hides. I could find “Link to this album”, but no feature to embed slide show to web. After 5 minutes of hard searching I found a link to google and it states that “This feature is currently only available in English.”. It made me really crazy. How can it be that a function is only availabe in one specific language! However I already can embed and also write an article at my main site for someone who wants to embed web album of picasa into blog.

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