Windows Phone – Rss Reader software on Windows Phone emulator

This is the first software I write on Windows Phone 7. I have a lot of RSS feeds to read therefore I would like to have a RSS reader on Windows Phone 7 to manage all feeds(if I have one Windows Phone 7 in future ^^). This RSS reader provides some basic functions so that I can add, remove a feed. For each feed there are read and unread items. The unread items will be marked with Magenta, the read one will be marked with White. After finishing the beta version of this software, I would like to deploy it so that the others can use it on their emulator too but I find out until now there is no possibility to do that.

At MIX10, Microsoft revealed that the application deployment on Windows Phone 7 Series will be limited to only the Marketplace. An obvious point of concern from this announcement is the fact that Microsoft will inherit more “control” over what applications can be deployed to end-users. Microsoft said “they’ll publish criteria for WP7S developers that they claim won’t only guide developers on what’s “allowed” but also allow them to test themselves if they’ll pass certification process. Furthermore Microsoft states if apps “meet the criteria” they won’t deny any apps on subjective grounds. Finally, developers who’re looking to beta test their apps to a wider audience than themselves and enterprises can look forward to changes to Marketplace “later this spring” that will allow private distributions of apps to support both beta and enterprise scenarios. Microsoft representative hinted at a method to “unlock” Windows Phone 7 Series devices, although not easily, but presumed will allow loading applications using a USB cable,” stated Microsoft.
It seems that Microsoft follows the deployment schema of Apple. I read somewhere that if the developers want to publish their software on Marketplace, they’ll be charged 99$/year. That means the user will have little “free” software to use than in PC because “hobby” programmers will consider of paying an amount of money just to publish free software. I made a small video to show how this software works. My computer runs slowly, so be patient when watching it.

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