Webmaster – Be careful when posting example of phishing site

Days ago I posted a small blog to demonstrate about desktop phishing I built a clone login site of Yahoo and host in my site hintdesk.com. Today when I log into Google Webmaster Tools to check out back links to my site I received an email from Google states that

We have begun showing a warning page to users who visit this site in certain browsers that receive anti-phishing data from Google, as well as users redirected to this site from various Google properties.

Below are one or more example URLs on your site which may be part of a phishing attack:


Here is a link to a sample warning page: http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=http://hintdesk.com/Web/Tmp/login_verify2.htm

We strongly encourage you to investigate this immediately to protect users who are being directed to a suspected phishing attack being hosted on your web site.

When I go to that link, I saw this announcement

This is a very bad, bad information for my sites because if I do not react immediately, after some days my site will be listed into dangerous site and people will receive a warning when accessing my site. That must be bad impression. So be careful when demonstrate a phishing website, do not host any link relating to phishing on our site. Just take some snapshots and delete it immediately after using.

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