C# – List all opened tabs of Firefox with UIAutomation

I use at home a keyboard with multimedia keys looks like this one of Logitech Media Keyboard K200 With One-touch Media and Internet Keys (920-002719). It’s very comfortable with this type of keyboard because when I am listening with Windows Media Player, I can start/stop/forward/backward without switching to Windows Media Player. Unfortunately these multimedia keys don’t work with Firefox. Let’s consider this case: I have multi tabs opened in Firefox. One of them is YouTube website and is playing a video. I am on chatting with my family on Yahoo Messenger and would like to make a voice chat. So I would like to pause the video of YouTube and resume it after chatting. However the multimedia key don’t work with Firefox (when Firefox is in background and YouTube is not active tab), I must browse to Firefox and then YouTube site to pause the video. It’s really uncomfortable. Therefore I would like make the multimedia keys work with Firefox so that I don’t have to jump between windows to stop the sound.

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