Tool – ProjectEuler Solution

After reading some reviews of interviews at Microsoft and Google, I am inspired to train myself for solving mathematical problems and writing algorithms. is my first “mountain peak” to conquer. This website has until now more than 350 problems of many fields in mathematics. It’s suitable for training to write efficient algorithms to solve… Continue reading Tool – ProjectEuler Solution

Tools – Doidw – Do I DDos this website?

Last year I have seen a lot of DDOS attacks aimed to website of news or independent communities. These websites were attacked by a botnet built from unknown virus (which wasn’t detected by any antivirus at that time). Some professionals found some variants of this virus but the websites were still heavily attacked. Some of… Continue reading Tools – Doidw – Do I DDos this website?

Thumboim – Thumbnail generator for many images

This tool “Thumboim” helps you to generate thumbmails of many images and display all of these thumbnails in one images. This tool is helpful when you have a gallery and would like to have an overview of all images. Just simply choose an folder where your images locate, enter gallery name and it’s description. The… Continue reading Thumboim – Thumbnail generator for many images

Files Over LAN

This tool “Files Over LAN” helps you sending files over LAN without configuring or installing anything. To send files, download and run tools simultaneously at 2 computers, select file and destination, then click “Send It”. At the destination, you’ll be asked to accept file or not. If you accept, the file will be transferred directly… Continue reading Files Over LAN

YM Login BG

The program YM Login BG allows you to change the background of login dialog of yahoo messenger to make it more beautiful. You just need to choose a bitmap image and press apply and then you will have an interesting background on login dialog. If you don’t like the background anymore just press restore ym.… Continue reading YM Login BG

.Net Id

When I reversed a .net assembly which is packed and obfuscated, I always confuse myself to define which of packer is being used to protect that assembly. So I would like to have a tool like PEiD to identify the signature of an assembly. I waited for a long time so that someone will write… Continue reading .Net Id

Auto Pet TLBB Tool

As I said in my blog, I played an online game of China which is published in Vietnam. The game is Thien Long Bat Bo. In this game a character can own a lot of pets which will help him to attack mod and therefore reduce time to kill a mod. Each pet has its… Continue reading Auto Pet TLBB Tool