Poll – Best Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Theme

Mozilla just released new version 3.6 of Firefox on 21.01.2010 http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html. In this new version, there are a lot of new mini features as when you open a new tab by clicking on a link, this new tab will be placed next to the current tab like Google Chrome, IE. In last versions the new tab will always be opened at last. The new feature which I do like is the Personas feature was integrated into Firefox too. I tried a lot of theme for Firefox and find out some of them are really the best.


Silvermel is offered as bundle – it installs “Silvermel and Charamel XT” extension to support font uppercase and letter spacing for labels on Firefox’s sidebars, Thunderbird’s folder pane, Thunderbird’s Address Book and Thunderbird’s Account Configuration window. The extension also colorizes the url bar according to security state.

Stratini Padded

Features of this theme:

– Centered combined back/forward dropmarker.
– Symbolic colors for all navigation icons.
– Unified style for all icons.
– Ability to combine buttons without an extension or any hacks.

Vista on XP

You don’t like the green in the XP theme of Firefox 3? Get the blue one of Vista for your XP!
Experimental now for all OS!

NASA Night Launch

This theme is for people who like it dark. If you’re running a dark desktop then this is for you. So zip up your flight suit, make sure your harness is secure, and enjoy the ride.


A colorfully fun theme.

Chromifox Extreme

CHROMIFOX COMPANION is now included with Chromifox Extreme themes. Companion will allow you to make changes to Chromifox Extreme for example: Change the position of the tabs, Turn on or off Urlbar customization. Companion also does a few things behind the scenes to make sure that Chromifox Extreme looks the way it does.

Black Stratini

Black Stratini is my Stratini theme with a dose of the darkness. All highlights are in dark blue, as blue is the most common highlight color for Windows and Mac color schemes. Black Stratini uses Stratini Padded icons and spacing in Large Icons mode and Stratini icons in Small Icons and Teeny modes. This gives Black Stratini the unique ability to have three very different sizes in one package.

Windows – Desktopography 2009 Win7 theme

The most interesting feature in Windows 7 is changing the desktop wallpaper after given time. With this feature we don’t have a boring wallpaper all time and I like it very much. I can create myself a theme and add many wallpapers that I like and let themselves changed after 15 minutes. And every time when I minimize all of working windows and I’ll see an other wallpaper, that’s just a … small change but anyway it makes my computer more exciting than before. Microsoft offers a lot of themes too. You can find them at following link http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/personalize but none of them pleases me.
I have tried a lot of theme (my own one and the others) but what I like at most is theme with Desktopography wallpapers which I choose from the gallery of Desktopography. They are really amazing wallpapers and even can be the best wallpapers of 2009. Therefore I would like to share my theme pack, it is pretty large, about 50 MB but I think it’s worth to download and install as your win7 theme. My own pack is larger but I delete some of wallpapers before sharing because the size is so large. It’s about 80 MB at original size.

Desktopography 2009

You can download it at following link
Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K033U3E0
Mirror 2: http://ugotfile.com/file/791246/Desktopography2009.themepack
I really respect what the authors of this wallpapers have done. Not only how they design and use color but also their imagination. How can they draw such scenes in their brains? My grandfather always tell me that I should read more fictional novel to improve my imagination. He says that science is good but without imagination human can make any inventive step. I think my grandfather is right because a lot of scientific projects are trying to make some imaginative things to be real.