Slide.Show 2 – Configure to use it with Flickr

If you are a fan of WPF/Silverlight application, may be you know the open source slide show album . Slide.Show 2 is an open source Silverlight 2 control for publishing highly-customizable photo and video slide-shows on the Web. The most interesting feature of Slide.Show 2 is allowing us to display our albums which are stored in Flickr. That means I can upload my pictures to Flickr and use this Silverlight control to display them at my blog. Therefore I do not need to host any pictures at my host which costs a lot of disk space and do not have to back up anything. I push all risk to Flickr. Maybe you ask me why I don’t use Flash control with same features? The answer lies at “taste” and I am just a fan of Silverlight ^^.
So how can we use this control and embed it to our blog?

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