Hacking – Is SSL really secure with Root CA ?

Some days ago, I heard about a Root CA was attacked and some CAs was faked up which leads to a serious security vulnerabilities that internet users lose their sensible data although they used https:// for communicating to web server. This issue made me think about a case study that “What would happen if a Root CA was controlled by a government ? Will I be attacked by Man-In-The-Middle in https:// ? Can I protect myself from being attacked like that ? Is SSL really secure at all ?”. So I try myself to find the answers for these questions and think that it can be interesting for you.

A normal user may be does not know anything about https:// or HTTP Secure, for example my wife says simply there is one more “s” in compare to http:// and that’s all. My friend says it’s address of website. We must enter correctly with the “s” at the end otherwise we’ll be prompted for wrong URL. They are perfect, innocent answers, aren’t they? As advanced users, we all know that there is a term of “Man-In-The-Middle” attack in which an attacker acts as a repeater and sniffs all transferred data between user and web server. So if we send and receive data in clear text, he can read our sensible data (username, password) and what he would do with this data, only God knows. Therefore a requirement as well as a solution for encrypting data before sending out of internet world was born, that is HTTP Secure.

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