Dedot – A deobfuscator for Dotfuscator

INTRODUCTION Dotfuscator is the single most widely deployed obfuscation solution on .NET and every other platform combined. And Dedot is a tool which tries to do against what Dotfuscator does. It’ll be helpful in some cases if you loose your project and have only binary files, or you want to analyze some viruses,… After decryption,… Continue reading Dedot – A deobfuscator for Dotfuscator

DeSmart – Deobfuscator for {SmartAssembly}

INTRODUCTION {smartassembly} is a tool designed to produce better software, optimized, improved and protected. And DeSmart is a tool designed to do against what {smartassembly} do. This tool is now on beta version. It renames namespace, class, and method to readable form, does some anti-obfuscate flow control. Requirements : .NET Framework 2.0 Version: Supported… Continue reading DeSmart – Deobfuscator for {SmartAssembly}