Android – Introduction to Parallel Computing

Handling asynchronously is a ‘must’ for all mobile applications when executing any long time operation. For example, in Android, when a network operation is going to be called, it has to be executed on other thread (not UI thread). If the developers try to run a network operation on UI thread, Android OS will force the app to stop with an exception of android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException. As usual, the developers will put long time operation in a AsyncTask (or a Thread) and let it run. I also introduced this class in many Android posts before. However I have only one AsyncTask running at a time in all of examples. A reader asked me if I can create a list of AsyncTask and execute them at the same time. Something likes Parallel Computing? The answer is ‘Yes, of course’. We can do that in Android. Therefore, in this post, I would like to show how I simulate a multi-threading case with AsyncTask and some experimental cases for comparison between native Java and Android Java in Parallel Computing

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