New Year Eve 2010 Munich Germany

On 31.12.2009 I went to the restaurant of my cousin to help him because his restaurant in this day was full of customers. I was there from 17h30 to 23h45 and really tired after hard work of a waiter. This video below is the scene near by the restaurant at 0h on 01.01.2010. The Germans went down to the street and fire fireworks. It must be more beautiful if I am in center of Munich (Marienplatz) or near by where I live (Nymphenburge Palace). But anyway I can not travel a long way from the restaurant to center in 15 minutes. Therefore I could only take the video near by the restaurant. In the video you’ll see the restaurant is “Chinese Fuh Guei Restaurant” but please don’t think I am a Chinese. I am not Chinese. And Happy New Year “und guten Rutsch in neues Jahr”.

Spring in Munich

Before I came to Germany, I thought that I liked autumn because the autumn means to me romantic.  And I like romance (but I am not romantic :D), so according to logical deducing I like autumn. The autumn in Germany is really beautiful. All trees turns to be yellow because of their leaves. They prepare themselves for a cold winter by losing their leaves so that they do not consume so much energy. I have so many times stand alone in a park in autumn to enjoy myself the most beautiful time of years. I already lied on the grass which is covered by dead leaves and looked forward to the sky through branches of trees.  That is really beautiful and I feel safe in my soul.

But after years living in Germany I do not like autumn anymore. My sensation has changed. Every time when I lied down and looked forward to the sky. I did not see a wide sky anymore. I just saw branches of trees without leaves.  They look very ugly and exhausted. And they made me think of the coming winter. It must be cold  and boring. 6 months without sun. What a boring time! And what must come, will come. Now I like spring.

Spring is cheerful. Let’s look at the trees. On the exhausted branches, many buds have grown up. They bring green. They bring vitality to my life. I feel that my life will get better. I can start everything again what I missed before. I can changed myself better for sure. Yesterday I go to a park in Munich – Olympia Zentrum. I lied on a bench and contemplate the sky. The sky was blue. Some airplanes flew through. Birds were singing their songs around me. The sun was shining. The temperature was about 20 Grad Celsius.  And a completely safe in my soul.

I made some pictures too. Hope you’ll like it.

Winter in Munich

Today I went out to buy a goodbye card. A friend of my girlfriend will leave Germany and come to America. She does not want to live in Germany anymore.  By the way I made some photos of me and place where I live. Yesterday evening snow began to fall and therefore today all of streets, cars are coverd by snow.

In the slide show you can also see a small glase vase. That is a valentine gift for my girlfriend. In this glass vase the cactus is planted. They are very beautiful. The shop assistant said that man must water it one time a week and the plants can live for a long, long time.

This is the slide show

When I published this slide show, I considered which service I should use. After thinking for … a minute, I decided to use Picasa of Google because I have uploaded a lot of images into this service and I have some experience working with it. And I though it must be easy to embed a web album of picasa, but after looking for this feature, I knew that I was wrong.
I could not find where this feature hides. I could find “Link to this album”, but no feature to embed slide show to web. After 5 minutes of hard searching I found a link to google and it states that “This feature is currently only available in English.”. It made me really crazy. How can it be that a function is only availabe in one specific language! However I already can embed and also write an article at my main site for someone who wants to embed web album of picasa into blog.