C# – Microsoft Sync Framework for file and database

Data synchronization is always a top feature for any product in IT zone, especially if your product is a database-based product. It provides the customers more flexibilities and “freedom” when using the products. For example, the customer is on construction area, enter data through a concise mini mobile client, then sync them with the server and when they are back to the office, they have all data in the main software and finish the rest of work. That means at any time and anywhere they can access their updated data. However, it’s not easy at all to implement this dreaming feature in any application because of the complexity. However, if you’re using Microsoft products, you can easily build this feature in your apps thanks to Microsoft Sync Framework (MSF) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sync/bb736753. Maybe you’ll say that there is already the replication feature in MS SQL Server, why do you need to use MSF? Yes, it’s correct that MS SQL has already this feature but obviously, we can only sync between MS SQL Servers. How about if we want to sync with MS SQL Express? The answer can be MSF.

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