Android – Media player and ASP.NET Web Api

Let’s start with a question. When was the last time you played a song offline at your computer? For me, It’s long,loong,looong… time ago. Since the boom of music websites, I just choose one provider, create my favorite playlist and listen to music online. I don’t have any CD or .mp3 song at my local computer anymore, except that there are still a lot of songs in my Ipod but I don’t know where he is right now 😕 and that’s … bad. If something wrong happens with the website, my song will go with the wind. Moreover nowadays, in the dangerous internet, I doubt all of apps (if they are harmful) and consider a lot every time I install an app on my Android smartphone. So I always try to write the app or software myself if they aren’t complex. For this case, for my favorite songs, I decide to write a very simple media player connecting to my web service, playing my own song and I don’t have to worry anymore about the problem mentioned above. That’s is the concept. Next, I would like to show my media player works, if you want to improve it, go on!

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