Entertainment – Larva series – Korean animation/cartoon download

Theme: Last week I read a thread on vozforums about one funny series of Korean animation. This series called Larva happens underneath a gutter across from the crosswalk of 52nd Street. It is where two city loving warms reside; violent and impetuous Red and gluttonous and foolish Yellow. In this small world where people usually careless, unfolds many fun stories beyond anyone’s imagination.

Synopsis: Above the ceiling of steel bars, where people live their everyday lives, something constantly falls into the sewer; chewed up bubble gum, thrown away melted ice cream, coins, rings and whatnot.
Both Red and Yellow will have troubles, be happy and sometimes even get into arguments to take from one another. Also unexpected events arise from mosquitoes and flies which are no less of a fear to humans.

Red: A small reddish colored warm, he is violent and impetuous. He screams like Bruce Lee and throws flying kicks even though he does not have any limbs. Constantly be hard on Yellow be somehow always ends up suffering.
Yellow: A bigger yellowish warm, he is slow and gluttonous. He likes Red even though Red is always hard on him. Usually listens to Red but he loses his consciousness once he sees any food.
Violet: A mysterious giant worm always hides his huge body underneath the dirt and observers what Red and Yellow are up to with only exposing his small head. When he is threatened, he exposes his huge body as well as his scary teeth. (from http://www.tubaani.com/eng/animation/animation_5.htm#)

If you have episodes which are not here available, please share with me. I would like to make full list of them.

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