Hacking – How to hack Jotto Ciphertechs game?

When I was wandering on HVA, I found a thread introducing a guessing game which I discussed on this blog Rx and permutation. If you want to play, you can try it here http://jotto.ciphertechs.com/ . From my side, after 14 times trying to brute force the characters of password, I found out they are “a”, “j”, “m”, “o”, “r” as image below

Brute force Jotto

After calculating all permutations, I found the meaningful permutation is “major” and was greeted with message “Congratulations – you guessed major in 15 attempts” . I look accidentally on the URL of this page http://jotto.ciphertechs.com/cgi-bin/jotto2.pl and saw that the game was written in Perl and a bad thought passed through my head to hack this game to get a better result.

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