Android – Show images from Flickr with ImageGridView

Flickr is a wonderful image hosting and video hosting of Yahoo. With a free account, you can get a disk space up to 1 TB for uploading and sharing your photos as well as videos. In this post, I would like to make a small demo showing how we can consume the Flickr’s REST web service and display public images of an album on Android phone. The images could be shown either in thumbnail mode or medium mode. The example app is just a proof of concept, you have to improve it when you want to build a same one in practice because I just don’t care about optimizing resources (memory) in source code. You will also ‘learn’ how to implement a singleton pattern (in entire app) with roboguice. That means, small example, interesting use cases.

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Slide.Show 2 – Configure to use it with Flickr

If you are a fan of WPF/Silverlight application, may be you know the open source slide show album . Slide.Show 2 is an open source Silverlight 2 control for publishing highly-customizable photo and video slide-shows on the Web. The most interesting feature of Slide.Show 2 is allowing us to display our albums which are stored in Flickr. That means I can upload my pictures to Flickr and use this Silverlight control to display them at my blog. Therefore I do not need to host any pictures at my host which costs a lot of disk space and do not have to back up anything. I push all risk to Flickr. Maybe you ask me why I don’t use Flash control with same features? The answer lies at “taste” and I am just a fan of Silverlight ^^.
So how can we use this control and embed it to our blog?

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