C# – Host Microsoft Chart in WPF application

How we provide our customers the way to display their data is a important feature of every software for data management. Maybe the users want to use Bar, Line, Pie, Pyramid chart… someone wants to display as 2D and the other wants 3D for his plotting. The financial prefer Kagi, Renko, Point and Figure chart… meanwhile the statisticians maybe use Bar and Column, Cylinder or just simple Line chart. Because of these numerously different requirements we need a stable chart library flexible for customizing and extending. We can make ourselves one or there are a lot of candidates out there in internet such as ZedGraph, Telerik component, DevExpress component… But my favor is Microsoft Chart included in .Net Framework. The components of Telerik, for example, are beautiful with their animations (in WPF) and have a lot of advance features. However the structure of this framework is not stable with breaking changes with new released versions. The Microsoft Chart provides us all simple features necessary for data representing and is very stable. We can use it on Windows Forms or WPF or even on ASP.NET website.

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