Quick Start Angular 2 with ASP.NET 5

Angular 2 is now on beta and ASP.NET 5 is on RC version. Both of them are almost near to final release. Use these versions for big projects right now is not a quite right decision because they are still being changed a lot. However, we can begin to make some demo projects to get familiar with new syntax and project templates. In this post, I show you how to make your first app with Angular 2 and ASP.NET 5. This post is only about how to configure so that Angular 2 works with ASP.NET 5.

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ASP.NET – Use ASHX handler to protect your email from spam

What happens to your email after a week of publishing into internet, I am sure you will get some of spam mails in your inbox. You may be curious how does the spammer knows your email because you just post it in a website and give it your friends, for example my email at my about page http://hintdesk.com/about/ ? The answer lies at email bot. This bot will crawl through out a web site and use its technique, for example regular expression, to detect only email addresses in content and insert these emails into database for spamming later.
So how can we solve this problem? I would like to publish my email for contact over internet but I want to keep it safe apart from spammers. Converting email address into image to avoid spammer must be an intelligent idea which is already used in many web applications. In the example below I would like to show a simple way to generate image from text with ASP.NET and show it in our website.

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ASP.NET – Use Context.Cache to cache data for http request

The best way to speed up ASP.NET application is to use cache for speeding up the velocity of reading/writing data. Every developer knows that reading/writing memory is orders of magnitude faster than reading/writing files or database on hard disk. Hence reading/writing files or databases for each HTTP request is not a wisdom way. In this small post, I would like to illustrate how man can use ASP.NET for his application.

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ASP.NET – Show image from database

One of my friends asks me for an example of reading image from database and showing it on web form in ASP.NET. I send him a link for such tutorial http://www.microsoft.com/germany/msdn/solve/knowhow/howto/allgemein/WieKannIchBilderInEineDatenbankSchreibenUndWiederAuslesen.mspx but it was written in German and he can not follow these steps therefore I decide to translate it to English. I don’t know if there is an English version of this tutorial, I just translate it for my friend in step by step tutorial. I only translate main idea so that you can make the example run. I do not translate word by word, I catch the concept and rewrite it according to my style. If you want to understand more details of this article, please use Google translate.

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