Tết Canh Dần 2010 – Happy Lunar New Year

Now it’s time to say “Happy New Year” again. Maybe some of you will be surprised when reading this post. How can a new year come in February but it’s true. Today is a new year day according to lunar calender and it’s really for me a new year. No matter where I am, in this holy time, I always missed my family very much and wished that I could be home to wish all members of my family a lucky, happy new year. If I am not wrong with time calculation, this post will be published exactly at 0:0:0 of the first lunar new year day.
So the year of tiger is coming, I wish all of you with Asian style:
– abundant health (dồi dào sức khỏe)
– prosperity (thịnh vượng)
– may a myriad things go according to your will (vạn sự như ý)
– to be successful in all aspects (thành công trong mọi mặt)
– to have a prosperous business (làm ăn phát tài)
– live up to 100 years (sống lâu trăm tuổi)
– to make good progress in school (học hành tấn tới)
– May money flow in like water (tiền vô như nước)

and a traditional song for new year too

If you want to understand more about this Tet holiday, you can read article at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%E1%BA%BFt


  1. Wow,the Vietnamese lunar new year is the same day of Chinese Spring Festival.Do they share the same lunar calendar?

  2. @CHN: No, China and Vietnam use different lunar calendar. Sometimes the New Year Eve is on the same day, but sometimes they are on different days – the Vietnam’s New Year Eve comes one day before.

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