Salzburg Austria

Yesterday I brought my friend to Salzburg. My friend comes to Germany for working in 3 weeks then he’ll come back to Vietnam. So I decide to spend my free time to travel with him at weekend. I would like to choose Salzburg as our destination. This is my first time to Salzburg too. I just know how to travel from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, Austria but  I really do not know where the Salzburgs Highlights are.

So I decided to search for some information in Internet. Thanks to this global net I found the homepage of Salzburg . This website is very well constructed and very informative. Through this website I chose 5 sighseeings to visit. They are:

  • Mozart  Wohnhaus
  • Mozart Geburthaus
  • Mozart Plazt
  • Rathaus
  • Festung Hohensalzburg

So now is the most difficult part of tour “How can I go to these sigh seeings without any city-map and GPS system?”. I do not intend to buy a city-map because I know it more difficult to use city-map than to use a mini-map which displays the route from point to point. And I am not an explorer as Indiana Jones so I make a hard search (not with Google) but at the site above and find a very helpful site . With the help of this site I can go to any sigh seeings with a small mini-map. So it’s now enough for traveling.

We have a group of 6 persons, so a Bayern Ticket Group + Bayern Ticket Single ( both costs 48 Euro) for traveling with bahn is a resonable choice.  It takes about 2 hour from Munich, Germany to Salzburg. And thanks God the weather is very very beautiful (at least in comparing with the weather in Munich). We have a sunny day. And we are very happy with the tour. What makes me a little ‘unhappy’ is that the ticket for the train running from the foot of the castle to the top of the castle is little expensive. 10.50 Euro for a return ticket. That means 5 Euro for one way. And it takes only 30 seconds to fly from the foot to the top. 5 Euro for 30 seconds. :). And here are some pictures I took.

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