Roboform for Google Chrome

The reason that I still use Firefox as my default browser, is its extensions, especially Roboform toolbar. I would like to use Google Chrome long time ago because Chrome runs faster than Firefox. Chrome starts up fast immediately and load javascript just in few seconds. Chrome does not run slowly after long time using as Firefox. However what I need to use at most, did not work with Chrome. That’s Roboform addon. However the latest version addon Roboform for Chrome made a big progress .

In this new version I can manage all of identites which I had and stored on server.
All identities

I can choose which account I would like to use for a site
Choose passcard

When I have new login data for a website, Roboform will ask me if I would like to save it to my trunk.

Although this add-in still lacks a lof of features in compare to version in Firefox or Internet Explorer but it satifies me already with these basic features. I can now change my default browser to Google Chrome and enjoy surfing Internet mit higher speed.
If you want to test rendering ability of your browser you can navigate to this link and see how long does it take to load this site. . The source code I took from Scragz. When I test with 3 browsers IE,FF,Chrome, Chrome is the best one, then FF and IE comes last. ^^.

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