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Dear my readers,
because of security and high maintaining time I decide to deactivate my main portal site That means you’ll be redirected to my blog when you access this url. I tried to copy all of worth article in old portal by Joomla into this blog by WordPress (not all of them). The database are still here but the file will be deleted soon. If you still need anything from old portal please drop me an email which can be found at tab “Contact” or simply post a commment under this post.
It has been long time since I posted my last blog cause of lacking time and being completely tired after work. But I always hope that I can find more interesting things to research and share with you.
Now it’s time for new year. I wish all of you a happy new year. So in German “Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr” and in my mother language “Chúc mừng năm mới”.

UPDATE 20.09.2011
The pingback and trackback are now disabled at my blog to prevent spammers.


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