New Year Eve 2010 Munich Germany

On 31.12.2009 I went to the restaurant of my cousin to help him because his restaurant in this day was full of customers. I was there from 17h30 to 23h45 and really tired after hard work of a waiter. This video below is the scene near by the restaurant at 0h on 01.01.2010. The Germans went down to the street and fire fireworks. It must be more beautiful if I am in center of Munich (Marienplatz) or near by where I live (Nymphenburge Palace). But anyway I can not travel a long way from the restaurant to center in 15 minutes. Therefore I could only take the video near by the restaurant. In the video you’ll see the restaurant is “Chinese Fuh Guei Restaurant” but please don’t think I am a Chinese. I am not Chinese. And Happy New Year “und guten Rutsch in neues Jahr”.

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