.Net Reflector Pro is out

Although I gave up .net reversing for a long time to concentrate on .net programming technique, I always follow all valuable progress made by all reverser around the world. Today I was really shocked with new version of .net reflector released by Red Gate. This version called pro version and we must pay to use. What makes me really impressed are following features.

.NET Reflector Pro is an add-in to Visual Studio that lets you debug third-party code and assemblies, even if you don’t have the source.
* Integrates the power of .NET Reflector into Visual Studio
* Decompile third-party assemblies from within VS
* Step through decompiled assemblies and use all the debugging techniques you would use on your own code

More details you can read here http://www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/ . I believe that after this release, many .net application will be put in risk. I still do not know how this add-in handle obfuscated or protected assembly. For example an assembly whose code was encrypted and decrypted at run-time how will .net reflector work? There is a trial version but I am now pretty lazy to test.

A video tutorial you can find here http://www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/video_pro.htm

Update 23.02.2010
A FREE (NOT PRO) newest version you can download here http://downloads.red-gate.com/reflector.zip

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