My silverlight applications

As you can see, there are two changes at my site in last days. I added a new page called “My Silverlight” and add a new banner of Bluehost. I am learning now Silverlight so I would like to publish my applications too. My applications are not so complicated applications. They are just simple and operate simple calculations but they help me a lot when starting to learn Silverlight.
At the beginning I thought of some applications working with database so that I can review knowledge working with database and play around with LINQ. But after some first efforts to access databases on my host I found that it is not easy to do that. I must implement a Web service to allow the Silverlight accessing database. I do not know how to implement Web service with PHP and Bluehost does not support ASP and .Net. And another problem is that it is pretty easy to decompile a Silverlight application and therefore I can not protect my Web service link. I am now thinking of finding a free host which supporting a .net web service and start my projects again. The list of my Silverlight applications can be found at My Silverlight page. I hope that they can help you.
The second news is the banner of Bluehost. Bluehost is a host provider. I am using it too. I find that Bluehost is very good host provider so I would like to be their affiliate and place their banners in my blog so that I can advertise Bluehost to anyone else.  If someone clicks on the banner and buys one host at Bluehost, I will get a small amount of money. This amount of money I will use to renew my host because each month I must pay $6.95 for maintaining my host. Although I have placed some ads of Google Adsense but my income at this Pay-Per-Click program is pretty low. So I add one banner of Bluehost with hoping that the income through advertisement will increase and I do not have to take care of finance for maintaining my host anymore and as the consequence I have more time to make valuable research. I hope that you sympathize and the ads at my site will not disturb you so much.

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