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Today I spent my Sunday to find a website for sharing images with these features:
1. Unlimited storage.
2. Allow to create slide show and embed to blog.

But after some hours of searching I can not find any sharing sites which have both of features. They always limit the storage of image. I really don’t like it because I want to upload any image and use that service for lifetime. I think 1GB for images is really not enough for me using lifetime. So I decide to build my own service. I am using Bluehost to host my site. This host provider provides UNLIMITED Hosting Space. So I can use my own host to store all of my images. The problem with host was solved.

The next problem is finding an open source script which allows to create album and embeddes this album to blog. And one of most important feature is this script must be on developing and will be developed in future. I do not like a dead script. A dead script contains always so many security hole . After some seconds searching with Google I found this open source gallery. I just download it and install at my site This open source gallery is very good. It support all basic features to manage, publish and share images and it is very easy to use.

The last step is the most difficult one. Although this script is very good, but it does not provides a simple way to embed an album to blog. So I must start a search again to find a solution for it. Luckily I found a SWF tool to publish and embed an album to blog. This tool call XML Mini Slideshow which can be found at follow link

And here is the result

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