Ipod To PC – Tool to copy files from Ipod to PC

This tool “Ipod To PC” helps you copy all of your music files in your Ipod to PC. This tool is necessary if the music files on your PC were deleted cause of hard disk damage. Connect Ipod to your PC, the music folders in Ipod will be automatically located. If not, you must locate yourself where Ipod drive is. Then choose a folder in your PC and click button “Copy To PC” to start the process.

  • Version:
  • Supported OS: All Windows

NOTE: If this tool doesn’t work with your system, post here your errors.

LINK DOWN: http://hintdesk.com/Web/Tool/Ipod%20To%20PC.zip


  • [] : Beta Version

Ipod To PC


  1. Hello Rongchaua,

    I’ve got this error msg when I’m trying to open the exe;
    [ Ipod To PC has stopped working > Debug the program ]
    An unhandled exception (“System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException”) occured in Ipod to PC.exe [4342]

    Cannot convert string ‘file:///D:/Synchronize/ToolTuCode/Application/Ipod To PC/Ipod To PC/iPod-download.ico’ in attribute ‘Icon’ to object of type ‘System.Windows.Media.ImageSource’. Could not find a part of the path ‘D:SynchronizeToolTuCodeApplicationIpod To PCIpod To PCiPod-download.ico’. Error at object ‘wndMain’ in markup file ‘Ipod To PC;component/mainwindow.xaml’.

    [ I don’t understand what u tried to do, but please use try-catch statements at necessary parts… ]

    Main exe compiled for cpu x32
    ( yeah I think it must be worked on x64 too. )
    but my little suggestion is; you should mention about that in requirements section.

    Also; I think, you need to write your name in these areas;
    Assembly Company: Microsoft
    Assembly Copyright: Copyright Microsoft 2010

    I can see that, you used “ipod media extractor” library in this project to solve db problem between ipod oswin os. But you know, it’s not a perfect idea to use open-source libraries such as this. Because a lot of open source libraries are not perfectly documented. So it’s not easy to debugging a problem at all.

    And the last thing; I’ve got one-month of spare time to kill. If you want continue to develop this tool, I can join to you( you have my email address )…

    Take care_

    Best Regards,
    -Orkan A!

    Tested On: Win7 64-bit – .net Framework 4.0
    Tested On: WinXP 32-Bit(VMware) – .net Framework 3.5sp1

  2. @Orkan A!: Thank you for your notes. I fixed the bug with the icon. I really have no time to develop this tool forward. This tool is for private use only. My PC broke down and I lost all of my music files. Therefore I must write this one to copy my files back from my Ipod. If you want, you can develop your own one. I believe your one will 1000 times better than mine.

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