Internet Explorer can only “Run as administrator”

Last days when I worked with Silverlight and made some example. I destroyed myself my Internet Explorer. It suddenly does not work anymore. When I click on the icon on task bar, IE starts and hangs. After 30 seconds, an error comes to say that IE does not work anymore and turn itself off.

I tried to restore the settings in Internet Option because I though that I made something with it. But it still does not work. It makes really angry because of this silly error. So I decide to install Internet Explorer 8. I think everything will work again. But that is what I think. The truth is more cruel: it does not run. And yesterday with the last hope I installed the final version of IE 8. And my IE still can not run.

So I made a decision to play around with the IE Options. It must be the problem. When playing around with IE Options, I opened IE under “Run as administrator” (I am using Vista 32 bit). And it runs. Wonderful. But I realized that when I start IE normally. It still hangs and crashes.  Which option in IE causes a conflict with priviledge? Why does IE can “Run as administrator”. After playing in Security Tab for a while, I finally found out that the Protected Mode is ON. When I turn it off, IE will run happily.

This is information about Protected Mode from Microsoft

Protected Mode is an important step forward in security for Internet Explorer (IE); it helps protect users from attack by running an IE process with greatly restricted privileges on Windows Vista. While Protected Mode does not protect against all forms of attack, it significantly reduces the ability of an attack to write, alter, or destroy data on the user’s machine or to install malicious code.

It is an interesting mode. But it does not work now at my computer. Anyway I mostly use Firefox. It is ok when I do not have this mode in my IE.


  1. Hi,

    I am having the exact same problem you had or have. Did you ever find a way to solve this problem? Care to share?


  2. As I said in my post, you should deactivate “Protected Mode” in Internet Explorer and everything will work again.

  3. I am attempting to load IE7 on my system only because ONE insurance company requires IE7 for their system to work and for its agents to get quotes and process applications. It just appears that this is a step back in time!

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