Intellij IDEA FAQ – Part 1

0. Equivalent shortcuts to Visual Studio?

Ctrl+. <–> Alt+Enter

F2       <–> Shift+F6

Clean up code : Ctrl + Alt + L

1. How to add reference to a library?

File –> Project Structure –> Modules –> Dependencies –> + –> Jars or directories

Intellij Idea Modules Dependencies

2. How to make a library by making .jar file?

File –> Project Structure –> Artifacts –> + –> Jar –> From modules with dependencies

Intellij Idea Make jar from modules

3. Set cursor/caret at the end of line instead of at position of mouse

File –> Settings –> Editor –> Remove “Allow placement of caret after end of line

Intellij Idea set caret after end of line

4. Equivalent functions in Visual Studio

String.valueOf() <–> toString()

5. Error solving in Intellij IDEA

5.1 Cannot resolve symbol ‘FragmentActivity’

In Intellij IDEA, go to File –> Project Structure… –> Modules –> Add “Jars or directories…” –> Browse to “%USERPROFILE%\android-sdks\extras\android\support\v4” –> Choose android-support-v4.jar

6. Remove module from project

File –> Project Struture… –> Modules, click on module to remove, click remove.

Remove module

– Back to Project tree in IDE, press Del to delete module folder

7. Sync current file in Editor with Project Tool Window

– Right click on Project Tool Window top panel and choose Autoscroll from source

Autoscroll from source

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