I moved to new room

Last week I moved to new residential accommodation. The new room satisfies me. It is pretty large and beautiful. It is about 20m2, inclusive restroom and bathroom. The floor was not covered by old carpet like the other rooms. The previous tenant removed the old one and replaced it with new, beautiful carpet.
The weather on the day I moved was pretty bad. It rained all day. I must carry my things under the rain. Believe me; it is not romantic at all when you must carry a heavy luggage under the rain. Everything was ok except these following problems.
1. The previous tenant removed herself the old carpet. She must recover the room as it was before when she gave the room back but she did not. She was even not at the room at that day. Her friend met me and gave me the key. And he does not know anything about the status of the room. So if I were not responsible for the new one, I had to wait for 3 days (working days) so that she recovered the room. It is already weekend. Nobody works. So if I don’t like, I must wait 3 days weekend plus 3 working days. Where will I live in these days? I was put in case that everything was over. I must accept it.
2. I have no internet connection now. I made an appointment for moving internet to my new room. The technician came but he did not have a key to basement so that he could activate my telephone access. The concierge (janitor) was not in charge too. I called him and he said that he could not come. :(. I like the job of concierge. I think he really did not work. Some hours pro week and he received at least one thousand euro pro month. :).
3. For each room there are two keys but the previous tenant gave me only one. She is now somewhere
There are always something make me unhappy but that is life. I live happily with them. I think I will have internet connection from next week. My new room is beautiful. What a beautiful life.

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