How to send free SMS with Firefox?

It’s a long time since I wrote my previous blog because I was pretty busy with my master thesis. I am now graduated and free. :D. So yesterday I decided to try new Windows 7 Ultimate. The current Windows version I am using is Windows Vista 32 bits. I would like to use Windows 7 64 bit so that I can make use of 4 Gb RAM. So I decided to download a 64 bit version of Windows 7 and as the consequence I can not run the setup CD under 32 bit Vista. :(. I am really stupid. Therefore I must setup a completely new Windows 7 and all of settings went with the wind too. One of the most applications which I lost is the add-on of Firefox to send free SMS over the word. I forgot its name. I spent some minutes to search again so I decided to archive it through my blog.

To send free SMS to any country we need.

1. A mobil phone.

2. Internet connection.

3. Firefox.

And follow these steps to send a free SMS to anyone in any country.

1. Go to and register an account. You need to enter a your valid mobil phone number to receive the confirmation code. Do not be afraid of loosing any money. I used this service for a long time and I find it ok.

2. Open Firefox and install User Agent Switcher add-ons.

3. In Firefox, go to Menu Tools –> Add-ons –> User Agent Switcher and choose Settings

4. On the new dialog, click New to create new Agent and enter the information as image below.

Description: Nokia 5300

User Agent: Nokia5300/2.0 (05.51) Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1. 314

5. After creating new Agent successfully. In Firefox go to menu Tools –> User Agent Switcher and choose Nokia 5300.

6. Go to site you will see this log on screen. Use the confirmation code which you created before to create an account and then login. Now you can send free SMS to anywhere.

7. After sending SMS remember to turn your agent back to Default agent. The mobile phone number which you want to send to must consists of course the code of country before it. For example the code of Vietnam is +84, the number should be something like this +84984957271. Enjoy yourself.

List of websites allowing sending SMS over the world

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