How to install CyanogenMod on Kindle Fire 5.1.1 2015?

Last year I bought an Amazon Kindle Fire on Black Friday in shopping season. The 7-inch tablet costs about 50 Euro at that time and was pre-installed with all of Amazon services and apps. Of course, we can’t expect a powerful tablet at that price level but the table’s really good for daily activities such as web surfing, listening to the audiobook or playing small games. I really like it but the apps and services from Amazon. The advertisement on lock screen doesn’t disturb me at all, but the unnecessary apps from Amazon do make me really annoyed. Therefore, I decide to flash the tablet with CyanogenMod to get rid of all stuff from Amazon.

1. Prerequisites

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it!
You are choosing to make these modifications.

2. Let’s rock

1. Go to the website of rootjunkysdl and get the latest package of SuperTool for Amazon Kindle Fire.


Then unpack the package somewhere on your computer. Don’t forget where you unpack it.

2. In Amazon Kindle Fire, go to Settings for Device Options, tap 7 times on Serial Number until the menu Developer Options appears

Developer Options

Developer Options

3. In Developer Options be sure that Enable ADB option is on.

Developer Options

4. Go to folder of SuperTool and start 1-Amazon-Fire-5th-gen.bat


4.1 If SuperTool recognizes your device as following image. Go to step 5.

Device recognized

4.2 If SuperTool cannot recognize your device as the following image, then unlock the lock screen of your device and start .bat file again.

Device not recognized

4.3 In case that you have another message different from the two above. That means the ADB drivers are not installed on your computer. Then choose option 1. for installing ADB drivers to your computer.

Device not recognized

Device not recognized

Follow the instructions until you get ADB drivers installed successfully on your computer.

5. If you don’t see your device listed as step 4.1 then repeat step 4 until you get all things done correctly then continue to step 6.

6. Select option 5. to Install FlashFire App to flash files on FIRE OS 5.1.1. Wait until the installation finishes.

7. Select option 6. to Root your Amazon Fire 5th gen

Root device

Root device

8. Go to forum xda-developers and get latest supported CM ROM for Amazon Kindle Fire.


Copy the downloaded file to the internal storage of the device.

9. Go to Opengapps and download a variant of latest version. This is the package for Google Play Store and Google Services. I choose pico variant (smallest package).


Copy the file to the internal storage of the device.

10. In Amazon Kindle Fire, start FlashFire app. If you see the following image, you should go back to step 7 to be sure that you have root access on your device

Root device

11. Grant root access to FlashFire and NO THANKS to skip Follow me action.

Root device

Follow me

12. On the main screen of FlashFire click on red + button.


13. Select Wipe, on the next screen set the option as following image


Wipe option

Then tap apply.

13. Tap the red + button again, now select Flash ZIP or OTA, browse to CM .zip file you download at step 8 and set the option as in image below



14. Tap the red + button again, select Flash ZIP or OTA again, browse to Opengapps .zip file you download at step 8 and set the option as in image below

Opengapps zip

15. BE CAREFUL, drag and drop the actions as correct order below

Flash order

16. Tap on FLASH and choose Ignore the warning of FlashFire

Ignore warning

17. The FlashFire takes a while to restart and flash the device. Be patient until it does its job.

Flashfile install zip

Flashfile install zip

Flashfile install zip

18. When everything finishes, then welcome screen of CyanogenMod.

Flashfile install zip

19. Congratulation! Your device has been flashed. Have fun!


  1. Thank you, great tutorial. For anyone else on 5.1.2 when rooting you have to use KingRoot (still use the root option in the supertool) and it failed 3 times for me before succeeding. Also I didn’t read the instructions properly and put the cyanogen image on the SD card not the internal storage, this caused it to fail and I had to start from the beginning. It worked when I followed the instructions 🙂

    Thanks again for showing me how to unlock this tablet 😀

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