How to configure Windows Mail to work with Hotmail

I just read a news saying that Microsoft allows user to access Hotmail/Live mail account with a mail client. I am very happy when reading that news. It means that I do not need to access web mail just for checking mail everyday. I just need to open my mail client and everything will be here. So I turned on my Windows Mail and made some configuration step until it showed something like this.

I can not believe my eyes, the programmers of Microsoft prevent user to use their mail service? These problems occur because Microsoft supported POP3 for Hotmail years ago and then they did not support it anymore. So the programmers try to protect their users from using POP3 settings which are not supported anymore. Now Microsoft turns on POP3 settings again but the users can not use this feature because they are not allowed to use it. So is there any way to work around with it? Of course, yes. Turn on your Windows Mail again.

1. Go to Tool –> Account –> Add new –> Choose E-Mail Account, Next –> Enter your name, Next –> Enter your email like this : (the domain name can not be, Next –> Enter Pop3 settings:, SMTP settings:, Check on “Outgoing server requires authentication”. , Next –>  Enter your email, the Hotmail one, for example my email is Enter the password, Next –> Check on “Do not download emails now”, Finish.

2. Go to Tool –> Account –> Click on the new created account with Hotmail, click on button Properties –>  On tab General, at Email Address, replace with your email as figure below.

3. On Tab Adavanced, set port for SMTP is 25 or 587 (if port 25 is blocked), set port for POp3 is 995. Both use SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

4. Click on OK and you can use Windows Mail to get your mail from Hotmail or Live mail account.

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