How to configure TortoiseHg working with GitHub?

I’m using TortoiseHg as my subversion control client. I love it so much. It works perfectly with Bitbucket without using any addon. GitHub is also a popular platform and sometimes I would like to check out the source code from GitHub for debugging and analyzing. Unfortunately, TortoiseHg can’t do that directly, we need an extension for it to use with GitHub. In this very short post, I would like to write down the steps to install hg-git extension for TortoiseHg so that I can check out the code from GitHub

hg-git is delivered with TortoiseHg on Windows by default. We just need to turn it on.

Enable hg-git

Just tick on checkbox of hg-git and try to checkout the code from GitHub link

Enable hg-git

Enable hg-git

If it doesn’t work because the delivered version hg-git isn’t compatible with current version of TortoiseHg then go to Bitbucket and check out the source code of hg-git to your local folder.

On Global settings dialog, click on Edit file then add the path of your local hg-git repository to extensions section.

Global settings

Path to hg-git

Now you can check out the source code of GitHub with TortoiseHg.

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