How to activate Guitar Pro 6?

I have bought a new guitar to play in my free time. I am just amateur not so professional. I haven’t played guitar 6 years since I left my country to make my master degree in Germany. I forget all of music theories and cannot read any note in music sheet. It’s hard for me now to read note as fluently as 6 years before but I’ll try my best. There is a lot of guitar tutorial inclusive music sheet in internet but they are all saved under format of Guitar Pro (*.gpx or *.gp5). I heard about this program and would like to try it. So I start to search through in internet but most of results were infected with virus. There is only one version which I think it may be clean until now. You can follow the steps below to activate your Guitar Pro.

1. Download file from this link
2. Turn off your internet connection
3. Run vcredist_x86.exe file to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. If you have installed it before, the setup will turn off itself.
4. Run Guitar_Pro_66.0.7_b2_r8924_Repack_Setup.exe file to install Guitar Pro 6.
5. Run crack_x86.exe or crack_x64.exe depending on your operating system.
6. If you’re using Windows Vista/ Windows 7, copy the hosts file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc to your desktop, open it in Notepad and add this row at the of file

If you don’t file hosts file, you can read this article and find it yourself
7. Double click on disable-updates.reg to disable update function of Guitar Pro 6. Finish.

When I read on Internet, I think that the license routine of Guitar Pro basing on the MAC address of network card. As my opinion it’s pretty bad when a license bases on this one because the software of my company based on MAC of network card too. Until a day a customer has many network cards on his computer and he usually enables/disables these network cards because his work requires accessing to many types of network (LAN, WLAN, GPRS…). And our license model doesn’t work anymore because we don’t know anymore which card is used for license. Just some chat about license model.
And now we reach the end of this blog post. Nothing special just only on suggestion from me: Guitar Pro costs only 60$. If you are working professionally with it, I recommend buying a licensed version to support the provider. And remember, crack can contain virus, use it on your risk. I always say that a crack is seen as clean until an antivirus finds it as malicious.

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