Happy New Year

An old year has gone, a new year is standing in front of the door. I wish all of you a happy, lucky new year. As Edith Lovejoy Pierce says “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day”.


  1. Happy New Year too…

    Can you help me and reply me?
    I had a problem with XeCoString tool..

    I had a dll file that obfuscated by Xenocode.. I really need that dll in order to help me my research…
    As I mentioned before, I cannot deobfuscate a dll file that with this tool because non-responsing.. Can you help me?

    Thanks first

    Best Regards,
    Chew Chit Siang

  2. Hi Chew Chit Siang,
    sorry it has been a long time since I did not play with reversing .net anymore. I really don’t know how better protection scheme for .net now is. So I am really regret that I can not help you.

  3. Hi,

    Really thanks for your reply.
    Then, can I request the source code for XeCoString ??
    Can I have the permission to modify debug and modify XecoString and use by my own.
    I can promise that I will share the modified to you and won’t share out any source code of XeCostring without your permission.

    My email: cchitsiang@hotmail.com
    Best Regards
    Chew Chit Siang

  4. Hi Chew Chit Sang,
    I am planing to publish my source code of my tool. I still consider something before doing it. I can not tell you exactly when I publish them but I promise you to publish them in nearest future.

  5. Ok..I will wait for your good news..

    BTW, I want to ask a newbie question that, Xenocode encrypt the string in a logic or just random way? Like sting in xd4a63fe85255b692, can we possible to decrypt back to original strings?

    Best Regards
    Chew Chit Siang

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