DeReactor – A deobfuscator for .net reactor

.Net Reactor is a popular packer for .Net. It provides a lot of features to protect the source code from decompiling. One of them is the obfuscation. This tool DeReactor will help you to deobfuscate the assembly after unpacking. Please take a note that this tool is not an unpacker. You must unpack manually before using this tool to deobfuscate.

After deobfuscate, a patched assembly will be saved at the same folder of the application. Use Reflector to see result.

This tool will be updated soonly with more functions. Now it’s on BETA version. Use it on your risk. I’ll do it when I have more time.

  • Version:
  • Supported Version of Dotfuscator
    • may be all
  • Want more functions. Post a comment directly under.


  • If this tool doesn’t work with your packed assembly, send it to me. DO NOT blame me if this one doesn’t work. I’m just a newbie.

LINK DOWN: When you want to post this tool to somewhere. Please post url to my site, that keeps update for this tool when you do that.

Link down: DeReactor


  • [] : BETA Version.



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