DePhe – Deobfuscator for Phoenix Protector

“The Phoenix Protector was created to protect .NET assemblies and it’s the ideal solution for every .NET developer, due to its support of every kind of project and compatibility with every version of the .NET framework. It has all common obfuscation features to secure your code. It provides obfuscation features like Name, String and Control Flow Obfuscation. The last feature is particularly important since it prevents the .NET assembly from being decompiled into an understandable language. The Name Obfuscation is provided with an exclusion list”. And DePhe is a tool designed to do against what Phoenix Protector do

This tool is now on beta version. It rename namespace, class, and method to readable form, do some anti-obfuscate flow control. The string will be encrypted to readable form too.
* Requirements : .NET Framework 2.0
* Version:
* Supported version of SmartAssembly
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* All comments for this tool. Post directly below.

NOTE: If this tool doesn’t work with your packed assembly, send it to me.


* [] : Beta Version


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