.Net Core Web Api – Basic Authentication

For some of my pet projects, I would like to activate the basic authentication for protecting my web API services from unwanted accesses. .Net core allows us to register our middleware to be used as a pipeline in application scope so that we can inject our custom code for handling request before they go to our service. In the code listing below, I show you how to create a middleware and use it
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.Net Core – NHibernate with MySQL

I’m making a website for storing my audiobooks which based on WordPress. I get the audio files from the internet, post it to my Google Drive and stream them over my website. But I have to create a playlist for them which I do it manually for now. It’s really time-consuming, therefore, I decided to write a small service to write directly to the WordPress database and create the playlist at one click. In this post, I will show you how to do CRUD action with MySQL by FluentNHibernate.

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