Entertainment – Larva series – Korean animation/cartoon download

Theme: Last week I read a thread on vozforums about one funny series of Korean animation. This series called Larva happens underneath a gutter across from the crosswalk of 52nd Street. It is where two city loving warms reside; violent and impetuous Red and gluttonous and foolish Yellow. In this small world where people usually careless, unfolds many fun stories beyond anyone’s imagination.

Synopsis: Above the ceiling of steel bars, where people live their everyday lives, something constantly falls into the sewer; chewed up bubble gum, thrown away melted ice cream, coins, rings and whatnot.
Both Red and Yellow will have troubles, be happy and sometimes even get into arguments to take from one another. Also unexpected events arise from mosquitoes and flies which are no less of a fear to humans.

Red: A small reddish colored warm, he is violent and impetuous. He screams like Bruce Lee and throws flying kicks even though he does not have any limbs. Constantly be hard on Yellow be somehow always ends up suffering.
Yellow: A bigger yellowish warm, he is slow and gluttonous. He likes Red even though Red is always hard on him. Usually listens to Red but he loses his consciousness once he sees any food.
Violet: A mysterious giant worm always hides his huge body underneath the dirt and observers what Red and Yellow are up to with only exposing his small head. When he is threatened, he exposes his huge body as well as his scary teeth. (from http://www.tubaani.com/eng/animation/animation_5.htm#)

If you have episodes which are not here available, please share with me. I would like to make full list of them.

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Trip to Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz

In Easter holidays I made a small trip to “Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz” to visit my friends there. We are playing an online game together and I would like to meet them to chat about our lives or something about this game. They are working in small asia restaurant there. Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is the capital of the Neumarkt district in the administrative region of the Upper Palatinate, in Bavaria, Germany. With a population of about 40,000, Neumarkt is the seat of various projects, and acts as the economic and cultural center of the western Upper Palatinate, along with Nürnberg, Ingolstadt, and Regensburg (Wikipedia).

My friends warned me that Neumarkt is pretty small but I didn’t believe them. There must be something to see. Therefore I took an early train to have more time to visit this town. They picked me up at the train station, we made a small talk, took some photos and I started my trip around Neumarkt. However it’s a pretty small town, it takes me only about an hour and little more to take a look of all sightseeings of this town. Nothing special there, some churchs, museum… At the day when I came to this town, the museum was not opened therefore I could not enter and see what there are in this museum. Below is the map of Neumarkt with some important locations, you can see there is a “spine” street goes through Neumarkt. Go along this street, then turn left or right, you can visit all of sightseeings.
Neumarkt in der Oberpflaz

It was a beautiful sunny day therefore I decided to buy Döner Kebap ( an art of turkish bread with lamb meat), one beer and enjoyed my lunch at a garden. Go green and relax myself. After lunch I finished my round trip, see my friends again, chatted for a little time and I left Neumarkt with a hot fried Peking duck as a gift from them. ^_^ . It’s delicious.

It’s pity that Neumarkt is not big enough to stay longer. However at least I go out of Munich, go green and relax myself. There some photos I would like to share in slide show below. Hope you’ll like it.

Remove main site

Dear my readers,
because of security and high maintaining time I decide to deactivate my main portal site http://hintdesk.com. That means you’ll be redirected to my blog when you access this url. I tried to copy all of worth article in old portal by Joomla into this blog by WordPress (not all of them). The database are still here but the file will be deleted soon. If you still need anything from old portal please drop me an email which can be found at tab “Contact” or simply post a commment under this post.
It has been long time since I posted my last blog cause of lacking time and being completely tired after work. But I always hope that I can find more interesting things to research and share with you.
Now it’s time for new year. I wish all of you a happy new year. So in German “Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr” and in my mother language “Chúc mừng năm mới”.

UPDATE 20.09.2011
The pingback and trackback are now disabled at my blog to prevent spammers.


Tết Canh Dần 2010 – Happy Lunar New Year

Now it’s time to say “Happy New Year” again. Maybe some of you will be surprised when reading this post. How can a new year come in February but it’s true. Today is a new year day according to lunar calender and it’s really for me a new year. No matter where I am, in this holy time, I always missed my family very much and wished that I could be home to wish all members of my family a lucky, happy new year. If I am not wrong with time calculation, this post will be published exactly at 0:0:0 of the first lunar new year day.
So the year of tiger is coming, I wish all of you with Asian style:
– abundant health (dồi dào sức khỏe)
– prosperity (thịnh vượng)
– may a myriad things go according to your will (vạn sự như ý)
– to be successful in all aspects (thành công trong mọi mặt)
– to have a prosperous business (làm ăn phát tài)
– live up to 100 years (sống lâu trăm tuổi)
– to make good progress in school (học hành tấn tới)
– May money flow in like water (tiền vô như nước)

and a traditional song for new year too

If you want to understand more about this Tet holiday, you can read article at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%E1%BA%BFt

New Year Eve 2010 Munich Germany

On 31.12.2009 I went to the restaurant of my cousin to help him because his restaurant in this day was full of customers. I was there from 17h30 to 23h45 and really tired after hard work of a waiter. This video below is the scene near by the restaurant at 0h on 01.01.2010. The Germans went down to the street and fire fireworks. It must be more beautiful if I am in center of Munich (Marienplatz) or near by where I live (Nymphenburge Palace). But anyway I can not travel a long way from the restaurant to center in 15 minutes. Therefore I could only take the video near by the restaurant. In the video you’ll see the restaurant is “Chinese Fuh Guei Restaurant” but please don’t think I am a Chinese. I am not Chinese. And Happy New Year “und guten Rutsch in neues Jahr”.

Happy New Year

An old year has gone, a new year is standing in front of the door. I wish all of you a happy, lucky new year. As Edith Lovejoy Pierce says “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day”.

Sister Act – I will follow him

Today I read a post on facebook of my friend. She shares a small clip of film sister act. I like this song and would like to share it with you. You can download mp3 version “I will follow him” or take a look at video below.


-I will follow Him
Follow Him wherever He may go,
And near Him, I always will be
For nothing can keep me away,
He is my destiny.

I will follow Him,
Ever since He touched my heart I knew,
There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His love.

I love Him, I love Him, I love Him,
And where He goes,
I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.
he’ll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
from now until forever, forever, forever

I will follow Him,
Follow Him wherever He may go,
There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His love…

We will follow Him,
Follow Him wherever He may go,
There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep us away, away from His love…

I love Him
(Oh yes I love Him)
I’ll follow
(I’m gonna follow)
True love
(He’ll always be my true, true love)
(Now until forever)
I love Him, I love Him, I love Him,
And where He goes,
I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow,
He’ll always be my true love,
My true love, my true love,
From now until forever,
Forever, forever…

There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His love

Spring in Munich

Before I came to Germany, I thought that I liked autumn because the autumn means to me romantic.  And I like romance (but I am not romantic :D), so according to logical deducing I like autumn. The autumn in Germany is really beautiful. All trees turns to be yellow because of their leaves. They prepare themselves for a cold winter by losing their leaves so that they do not consume so much energy. I have so many times stand alone in a park in autumn to enjoy myself the most beautiful time of years. I already lied on the grass which is covered by dead leaves and looked forward to the sky through branches of trees.  That is really beautiful and I feel safe in my soul.

But after years living in Germany I do not like autumn anymore. My sensation has changed. Every time when I lied down and looked forward to the sky. I did not see a wide sky anymore. I just saw branches of trees without leaves.  They look very ugly and exhausted. And they made me think of the coming winter. It must be cold  and boring. 6 months without sun. What a boring time! And what must come, will come. Now I like spring.

Spring is cheerful. Let’s look at the trees. On the exhausted branches, many buds have grown up. They bring green. They bring vitality to my life. I feel that my life will get better. I can start everything again what I missed before. I can changed myself better for sure. Yesterday I go to a park in Munich – Olympia Zentrum. I lied on a bench and contemplate the sky. The sky was blue. Some airplanes flew through. Birds were singing their songs around me. The sun was shining. The temperature was about 20 Grad Celsius.  And a completely safe in my soul.

I made some pictures too. Hope you’ll like it.

My silverlight applications

As you can see, there are two changes at my site in last days. I added a new page called “My Silverlight” and add a new banner of Bluehost. I am learning now Silverlight so I would like to publish my applications too. My applications are not so complicated applications. They are just simple and operate simple calculations but they help me a lot when starting to learn Silverlight.
At the beginning I thought of some applications working with database so that I can review knowledge working with database and play around with LINQ. But after some first efforts to access databases on my host I found that it is not easy to do that. I must implement a Web service to allow the Silverlight accessing database. I do not know how to implement Web service with PHP and Bluehost does not support ASP and .Net. And another problem is that it is pretty easy to decompile a Silverlight application and therefore I can not protect my Web service link. I am now thinking of finding a free host which supporting a .net web service and start my projects again. The list of my Silverlight applications can be found at My Silverlight page. I hope that they can help you.
The second news is the banner of Bluehost. Bluehost is a host provider. I am using it too. I find that Bluehost is very good host provider so I would like to be their affiliate and place their banners in my blog so that I can advertise Bluehost to anyone else.  If someone clicks on the banner and buys one host at Bluehost, I will get a small amount of money. This amount of money I will use to renew my host because each month I must pay $6.95 for maintaining my host. Although I have placed some ads of Google Adsense but my income at this Pay-Per-Click program is pretty low. So I add one banner of Bluehost with hoping that the income through advertisement will increase and I do not have to take care of finance for maintaining my host anymore and as the consequence I have more time to make valuable research. I hope that you sympathize and the ads at my site will not disturb you so much.

Salzburg Austria

Yesterday I brought my friend to Salzburg. My friend comes to Germany for working in 3 weeks then he’ll come back to Vietnam. So I decide to spend my free time to travel with him at weekend. I would like to choose Salzburg as our destination. This is my first time to Salzburg too. I just know how to travel from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, Austria but  I really do not know where the Salzburgs Highlights are.

So I decided to search for some information in Internet. Thanks to this global net I found the homepage of Salzburg http://salzburg.info . This website is very well constructed and very informative. Through this website I chose 5 sighseeings to visit. They are:

  • Mozart  Wohnhaus
  • Mozart Geburthaus
  • Mozart Plazt
  • Rathaus
  • Festung Hohensalzburg

So now is the most difficult part of tour “How can I go to these sigh seeings without any city-map and GPS system?”. I do not intend to buy a city-map because I know it more difficult to use city-map than to use a mini-map which displays the route from point to point. And I am not an explorer as Indiana Jones so I make a hard search (not with Google) but at the site above and find a very helpful site http://www.salzburg-ag.at/index.php?id=34&no_cache=1 . With the help of this site I can go to any sigh seeings with a small mini-map. So it’s now enough for traveling.

We have a group of 6 persons, so a Bayern Ticket Group + Bayern Ticket Single ( both costs 48 Euro) for traveling with bahn is a resonable choice.  It takes about 2 hour from Munich, Germany to Salzburg. And thanks God the weather is very very beautiful (at least in comparing with the weather in Munich). We have a sunny day. And we are very happy with the tour. What makes me a little ‘unhappy’ is that the ticket for the train running from the foot of the castle to the top of the castle is little expensive. 10.50 Euro for a return ticket. That means 5 Euro for one way. And it takes only 30 seconds to fly from the foot to the top. 5 Euro for 30 seconds. :). And here are some pictures I took.