Best wallpaper collection 05-2012

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Change domain name

Dear my readers, Because the old domain name is a Vietnamese name and I think it’s very difficult for other users to remember it. The new one is English and however the word is still not in dictionary. Great thank to Mr Vinh Dang for this suggestion. According to him, he thought of domain name… Continue reading Change domain name

Burghausen Castle

Spring is coming, time to make some excursions inland and long tours outland. This time is Burghausen castle, the longest castle of the world. It lies over the border between Germany and Austria. The special significance of Burghausen Castle derives from its historical importance as a sovereign castle belonging to the Bavarian Wittelsbachs and its… Continue reading Burghausen Castle

Botanischer Garten, Nymphenburg and Blutenburg castle

A small travel around some of popular sight seeing in Munich in a rare sunny day. Start from home to Blutenburg castle, Botanical Garden and Nymphenburg castle where I was 3 years ago. Blutenburg castleastle The Blutenburg castle is located in the west of Munich, in the district Obermenzing. The castle was first mentioned in… Continue reading Botanischer Garten, Nymphenburg and Blutenburg castle

Happy New Year 2012

New year is front of the door. Somewhere in the world has already started with first day in year 2012, 01-01-2012. Last year was a busy year for me and therefore I have not much time for writing blogs. However I always try to keep it update with interesting and qualified blogs as I can… Continue reading Happy New Year 2012