DropLock – Unlock the locked file in Windows

During the deployment, sometimes I encountered the problem that the files are currently locked and the files can be overwritten. The deployment will then fail and I can’t configure out which process is currently locking the file. I do need a tool to unlock the file by killing the other processes but I just need a portable tool which doesn’t require an installation. Most of the available tool requires an installation so that they can manipulate the context menu on right mouse click to insert their options for unlocking. Therefore I write myself a very simple tool to list all processes accessing the file and kill them all.
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[Solved] First fit problem

Today I encountered a very simple problem but shame on me, after more than 10 years as software engineer, I just messed up all things and could hardly figure out how it works. Even with the solution at that moment, I wasn’t satisfied because I just lost the control of my code. I could tell you that’s very, very bad feeling. It’s not the point if the code works or not any more. It’s the point of confidence. When you lost your confidence, everything else collapsed. Sometimes I was just stupid at the wrong moment. 🙂

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TBASBackup – Thunderbird account settings backup and restore

Since I know the Internet, I’ve created a lot of email accounts. I think I had already about 100 emails (include alias). Managing all of these emails is a nightmare so I have to get rid of most of them but I still have about 10 emails in use.
Checking 10 email accounts over the web isn’t an easy job so I use Thunderbird as my default email client to manage all of them. Everything works fine but there’s a small problem with data lost when my computer gets broken. If I have to reinstall the operating system, all of my email account settings will fly away. Adding all of the emails again in Thunderbird is the most boring thing in the world, therefore, I would like to discuss some methods to back up these account settings.
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Last weekend is maybe the last sunny weekend of this year, so I decided to take a short excursion to Chiemsee in Bavarian to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Now it’s time between summer and autumn and it’s pretty beautiful at Chiemsee.

In 1873 King Ludwig II of Bavaria acquired the Herreninsel as the location for his Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee (New Palace). Modelled on Versailles, this palace was built as a “Temple of Fame” for King Louis XIV of France, whom the Bavarian monarch fervently admired.

The actual building of this “Bavarian Versailles”, which was begun in 1878 from plans by Georg Dollmann, was preceded by a total of 13 planning stages. When Ludwig II died in 1886 the palace was still incomplete, and sections of it were later demolished.

The highlights of the large state rooms are the State Staircase, the State Bedroom and the Great Hall of Mirrors. The king’s own rooms were in the intimate Small Apartment, designed in the French rococo style.

In 1876 Court Garden Director Carl von Effner completed the plans for a large garden resembling that of Versailles. When the king died, only the sections along the main axis with their famous fountains and waterworks had been completed.