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I’m creating a website for hosting some audio books in Vietnamese for my own. I use Google Drive for hosting my audio .mp3 files. Google Drive is great but there is a problem with the streaming for the big audio files (greater than 90 MB). For downloading or streaming those big files, Google will display a message that the file is too big for scanning virus and ask if the user would like to download it anyway. So, in this case, the audio player can’t stream the .mp3 files anymore.

1. Introduction

Therefore I would like to write my own audio splitter for splitting the .mp3 files into the smaller chunks which can be loaded faster and no warning message from Google. The tool is pretty simple with 3 options for splitting: Size, Count and Time

Splitting by size requires the maximum size each part should be. Splitting by count says how many parts should the file be split into. Splitting by time will cut the file into chunks with duration exactly be as same as you want.

Just select split option and the files to split then set the option. Click on the split button with the icon of a scissor. The output files will be placed in the same folder of the input files.

This small tool uses my private FFmpeg wrapper HDFFMpegWrapper which is available at nuget:

private void CutBySize()
	var ffMpegSplitter = new HdffMpegSplitter();

	int maxSizeInBytes;
	switch (SelectedSizeInOption.Value)
		case (int)SizeInOption.KBytes:
			maxSizeInBytes = MaxSize * 1024;

		case (int)SizeInOption.MBytes:
			maxSizeInBytes = MaxSize * 1024 * 1024;

			maxSizeInBytes = MaxSize;

	foreach (var file in SelectedFiles)
		file.Status = "Splitting...";
		ffMpegSplitter.GetBySize(file.FullName, maxSizeInBytes);
		file.Status = "Done";

	Message = "Split sucessfully!";

There is still no documentation for this library HDFFMpegWrapper because I don’t write too much code for it. Just mention it here if someone is interested in, can use it for himself.

2. Download


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