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Today I read a thread on forum asking about if Adobe Flash does not use the proxy settings in web browser. That suprises me really because I can visit youtube site from my computer at company although a proxy policy is being applied too. So Adoble Flash reads proxy settings at least in my case. So why does that man say that it does not work?

Let’s examine his case: The poster would like to chat on this site and sometimes he is banned for overacting on chat room. He also uses the web proxy to fake his IP and tries to log in again but it does not work. He can only access the service again when reseting his modem to get new IP from ISP. So we can conclude that he was banned by IP address and does Adoble Flash really not read his proxy settings? The answer is YES. The Adobe Flash does read his settings however it is not simple to bypass this flash application through a web proxy.

A web proxy focuses on World Wide Web trafic. The most common use of it is to serve as a web cache. It’s often used in a corporate, educational, or library enviroment, and anywhere else where content filtering is desired. Some web proxies reformat web pages for a specific purporse or audience, such as for cell phones and PDAs. That means for a web proxy only data of web protocol (port 80 or 8080) should go through the proxy and the other protocol do not.

Moreover the chat application basing on Adoble Flash may be programmed with custom networking protocol using another port (not only 80,8080). The data through these unknown ports will not be hidden under the proxy he used and therefore these packets contain his real IP address which was no longer banned before. And as a result of this he can not get through.

One of simple solution for him is using a software like Freegate or Ultrasurf to hide his computer completely under a proxy and he can bypass this IP ban.

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  1. Oh that is my post in a long time ago. Before reading your particle I still can not solve that. You’re so cool. Thank you very much!

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