C# – Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming with RealProxy

In many complex business applications, software developers are maybe asked for making protocol of all changes on an object. For example, in a task management system, changes of a task such as dead line, attachments, comments… by users should be logged and displayed in his history. Or in a fault management system, all changes of a fault such as status, companies, workers,… should be also recorded. Who adds what, who deletes what, tracking changes… is the point of interest. How should we solve these requirements without violating our software architecture and duplicating code? We need something that can cross the boundaries of an object or a layer and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is exactly what we need. According to Wikipedia,

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C# – Introduction to SignalR

Mobile apps have a native support for pushing notifications from server to clients on many platforms such as Android, IOS or Windows Phone. I discussed about this feature in Android while ago in Google Cloud Messaging, ASP.NET Web Api and Android client post. Because it’s an interesting feature, we also want to have it in desktop or web application which can be done easily with SignalR, a new ASP.NET library for real-time web application. On SignalR’s homepage http://signalr.net/, you’ll find a lot of examples and codes for demonstrating how it works. In this post, I just want to show how to host SignalR on a WPF application (outside of IIS) and how SignalR basically works. The demo has a server-client model but the clients can also “broadcast” his message to other clients and the server can notify all clients with his notification.

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