Introduction to Mercurial and Bitbucket

In my recent posts, I hosted source code in Bitbucket. Bitbucket is a free code decentralized version control system (DVCS) hosting site for Git and Mercurial. In comparison to GitHub, Bitbucket allows us to host unlimited private repository for free – GitHub not. In Bitbucket, we can also integrate with other great Atlassian products for managing our development with a hosted wiki and issue tracker. Because I will host my code there in future as well as moving slowly all available .zip code files from my site to Bitbucket, I would like to write a short instruction so that you know how to check out or download the code. However I won’t go into details how Mercurial works and how great the products of Atlassian are. The topic of this blog post is very limited only in source code download section, no commit and everything else.

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Android – How to consume an Azure Mobile Services?

Publishing core data through web service is always a work-intensive progress because we have to build up a web server, define service interface, make data access layer and implement user management. It has never been easy and always requires advanced knowledge. The resources of developers have to be distributed not only for client but also for server. Therefore the cost gets more. Moreover because of strong growth in market of smartphone and table running on different operating systems, the developers are put into a challenge to make a universal web service which can be easily consumed in all platforms. In my previous posts, such as How to call ASP.Net Web API service from Android? or Android – Media player and ASP.NET Web Api, we are able to build up a universal REST web service which can be consumed in all platforms supporting HTTP protocols.

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