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After reading some reviews of interviews at Microsoft and Google, I am inspired to train myself for solving mathematical problems and writing algorithms. is my first “mountain peak” to conquer. This website has until now more than 350 problems of many fields in mathematics. It’s suitable for training to write efficient algorithms to solve complicated computing tasks. I’m just at starter level and don’t have much time for it but when I have free time I’ll solve some of them. To manage all solved problems, I have written a GUI Tool which loads all problems as plugins, allow me to enter argument with its value and invoke the calculate method to get result back.
The tool will scan folder “Extensions” at its startup directory and load all plugins written for him. Therefore you can write your own plugin, copy to “Extensions” folder and use the tool as GUI to run your solution.
I also created a Web-version of this tool but the website version is very limited. It doesn’t permit to upload your solutions (I know you’re good hackers) and customize value of argument (I’ll improve the website version in next version so that you can customize the input).

  • Version:
  • Supported OS: All Windows

NOTE: If this tool doesn’t work with your system, post here your errors.


WEBSITE: (the website is pretty slow at first load. Sorry for that, I don’t have any Windows host to host my application)


  • [] : Beta Version


ProjectEuler Solution

– To write your own plugin which works with this GUI tool, you should create a library and add reference to libraries

  • RPESPlugIn.dll (which can be found in “Extensions” folder)
  • System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll
  • – Your solution class must implement the IProblemSolution interface and define some attributes as example below

    [ProblemSolutionAttribute("Problem 1", @"If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.
    Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000.
    public class Problem1Solution : IProblemSolution
    	public string GetResult(List<ProblemArg> probArgs)
    		Stopwatch stopWatch = new Stopwatch();
    		double result = Calculate(probArgs);
    		return string.Format("Result: {0}\nTime elapsed: {1} ms", result, stopWatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);
    	public double Calculate(List<ProblemArg> probArgs)
    		int n = Convert.ToInt32(probArgs.First().Value) - 1;
    		return SumDivisibleBy(n, 3) + SumDivisibleBy(n, 5) - SumDivisibleBy(n, 15);
    	public double ProjectEulerCalculate(List<ProblemArg> probArgs)
    		throw new NotImplementedException();
    	private int SumDivisibleBy(int n, int factor)
    		int i = (n / factor);
    		return factor * i * (i + 1) / 2;
    	public List<ProblemArg> RequiredInputArgs
    			return new List<ProblemArg>() { new ProblemArg { DefaultValue = "1000", Name = "Integer n", RegularExpression = "^[0-9.]+$", MaxLength = Int32.MaxValue.ToString().Length } };

    – There are 2 required attributes for your class solution. One is the name of problem which should be shown in combo box and the other is the description of problem which should be displayed in text box.

    – If you want to allow user enter value of argument, you should define the RequiredInputArgs property to give a list of argument back. The list can contain more arguments which will be show in list box under problem description.

    – The GetResult(List probArgs) gives you a signal that the user want to invoke your solution with his defined value (if any). In this function you can make your calculation (which can be in Calculate(List probArgs) function but it must not) and give the result back with type of string.

    So it’s pretty easy to write extension for this GUI tool. Try yourself to write your own solution and let this tool manages all solution for you.

    Botanischer Garten, Nymphenburg and Blutenburg castle

    A small travel around some of popular sight seeing in Munich in a rare sunny day. Start from home to Blutenburg castle, Botanical Garden and Nymphenburg castle where I was 3 years ago.

    Blutenburg castleastle
    The Blutenburg castle is located in the west of Munich, in the district Obermenzing. The castle was first mentioned in 1432. Under Albrecht III. ,who used the castle as a hunting lodge, the fortress emerged with defensive walls, the gate tower and the farm buildings. With his son, Duke Sigismund, in 1497, he built important late gothic castle chapel. After a complete renovation, there is now the International Youth Library (IJB) in the castle. In April 1945, a death march of Dachau concentration camp inmates took place at the castle. Today there is a monument of the sculptor Hubertus von Pilgrim for remembering of the victims. The Blutenburg castle and Green Forest are the only medieval castles available in Munich.

    Nymphenburg castle
    The baroque palace in the west part of Munich was the summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs. Five generations of Wittelsbach rulers were involved in the construction of this stately ensemble, which houses several outstanding collections. With its lavishly decorated interior and the famous “Gallery of Beauties” commissioned by Ludwig I, the palace is one of Munich’s favorite attractions. Among the highlights are the former bedroom of King Ludwig II and the impressive banquet hall with fine ceiling frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann.

    Nymphenburg was originally Ferdinand Maria’s present to his wife Henriette Adelaide on the birth of his heir, in 1675. This was the beginning of a splendid baroque creation. The same heir, Maximilian Emanuel, commissioned the construction of symmetrical buildings, that were connected to the central section by galleries. From 1715 on, fired by their monarch’s enthusiasm, the craftsmen, hired for the most part from France or Flanders, worked wonders in the expansion of Nymphenburg and the building of Schleißheim Palace.

    While you’re there, be sure not to miss the Marstallmuseum and the Porcelain Museum, the Museum Mensch und Natur and the Botanical Garden.

    The landscaped park with its venerable trees, myriad waterways and secluded pavilions is an ideal place to go exploring.

    Botanical Garden
    Covering an area of 220,000 m² (almost 55 acres) the Munich Botanical Garden in the borough of Nymphenburg is one of the most important botanical gardens of the world and is visited by over 400,000 visitors every year. It is home of approximately 14,000 plants.

    Take a botanical journey to the hot and humid regions, visit the evergreen mountain forests of the more temperate tropical regions, or explore the hot and arid deserts within the 4,500 m² (approx. 1.1 acres) of our Glasshouse Complex. The large arboretum and the order beds will give you an idea of the family relationships of plants and their ecological needs – whereas in the large Ornamental Courtyard you will find many ideas for your own garden. Or you may just want to go for a stroll: Walk straight across from the Botanical Garden to the Nymphenburg Palace Gardens and the Museum of Man and Nature (Museum Mensch und Natur) which is located in its grounds.

    However, the Botanical Garden serves other purposes as well: Together with
    the Alpine Garden on the Schachen
    (1,860 m) it provides an invaluable basis for research. It is also a base for
    training and further education for gardening and landscaping trainees, amongst
    others, as well as students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. Last but not least it serves to
    preserve rare European plant and bee species.

    Whether you are interested in botany or just visiting to relax in a
    tranquil and beautiful surrounding – we hope that your visit will be


    Tools – Doidw – Do I DDos this website?

    Last year I have seen a lot of DDOS attacks aimed to website of news or independent communities. These websites were attacked by a botnet built from unknown virus (which wasn’t detected by any antivirus at that time). Some professionals found some variants of this virus but the websites were still heavily attacked.

    Some of professional users are willing to help to find more variants of this virus. They would like to check if computers of their families are members of this botnet. However using a sniffer then running through forest of packet to identify which processes are flooding the websites, is too complicated for them.

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