DePhe – Deobfuscator for Phoenix Protector

“The Phoenix Protector was created to protect .NET assemblies and it’s the ideal solution for every .NET developer, due to its support of every kind of project and compatibility with every version of the .NET framework. It has all common obfuscation features to secure your code. It provides obfuscation features like Name, String and Control Flow Obfuscation. The last feature is particularly important since it prevents the .NET assembly from being decompiled into an understandable language. The Name Obfuscation is provided with an exclusion list”. And DePhe is a tool designed to do against what Phoenix Protector do

This tool is now on beta version. It rename namespace, class, and method to readable form, do some anti-obfuscate flow control. The string will be encrypted to readable form too.
* Requirements : .NET Framework 2.0
* Version:
* Supported version of SmartAssembly
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* All comments for this tool. Post directly below.

NOTE: If this tool doesn’t work with your packed assembly, send it to me.


* [] : Beta Version


IDA 5.2 and HexRays

I just would like to reup these tools for someone who needs it and me too. I have just installed Vista 32 bit version for my computer. Therefore I must reinstall IDA and HexRays. I must find in my old posts to locate them. Now I post them here to archieve them again

IDA 5.2:

HexRays for IDA5.2:

Addons for IDA 5.2 :

Winter in Munich

Today I went out to buy a goodbye card. A friend of my girlfriend will leave Germany and come to America. She does not want to live in Germany anymore.  By the way I made some photos of me and place where I live. Yesterday evening snow began to fall and therefore today all of streets, cars are coverd by snow.

In the slide show you can also see a small glase vase. That is a valentine gift for my girlfriend. In this glass vase the cactus is planted. They are very beautiful. The shop assistant said that man must water it one time a week and the plants can live for a long, long time.

This is the slide show

When I published this slide show, I considered which service I should use. After thinking for … a minute, I decided to use Picasa of Google because I have uploaded a lot of images into this service and I have some experience working with it. And I though it must be easy to embed a web album of picasa, but after looking for this feature, I knew that I was wrong.
I could not find where this feature hides. I could find “Link to this album”, but no feature to embed slide show to web. After 5 minutes of hard searching I found a link to google and it states that “This feature is currently only available in English.”. It made me really crazy. How can it be that a function is only availabe in one specific language! However I already can embed and also write an article at my main site for someone who wants to embed web album of picasa into blog.

Auto Pet TLBB

As I introduce in my main site, this tool will help us feeding pet automatically. However this tool is pretty difficult to use (I am very shamed to say this), so I write a short instruction to help you to use it exactly. Please follow the instructions below to feed your pet automatically when training.

1. Go to the map when you want to train. Release your pet train out.

2. Put the meat in F1 box.

Image Hosted by

3. Turn “Auto Pet TLBB” tool on by running “Auto Pet TLBB.exe”. You can find this tool at my main site Auto Pet TLBB

4. Click on the combo box and choose the window of game.

Image Hosted by

5. Click “Start” button to begin feeding pet automatically. After clicking “Start”, the window of game will be active. You can not from now on change to other windows. If it is not your case (that means you can change to other windows), then click on TLBB Window and click Start again.

6. Go to your trainfield (Bai train). Train happily.

6. After training, you would like to turn the program off.  Then on taskbar, right click on “Thien Long Bat Bo” Windows, choose Minimize and now you can turn the program off.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


1. The windows of TLBB may be freezed during training because of lag. When it is freezed, you should click to feed your pet yourelf so that your pet won’t die. When the windows works again, the tool will do its job continiously.

2. This tool bases on analyzing graphics. I tested with many resolutions and it works. When it doesn’t work for you. Then write your problem here.

3. This tool was tested by HoaDiênVĩ.

4. Any idees for this tool will be welcomed. Plese do not post comments such as “I can make a better tool with analyzing packet or hooking”. I regard all of comments like that as type of spam.