My gallery site

Today I spent my Sunday to find a website for sharing images with these features:
1. Unlimited storage.
2. Allow to create slide show and embed to blog.

But after some hours of searching I can not find any sharing sites which have both of features. They always limit the storage of image. I really don’t like it because I want to upload any image and use that service for lifetime. I think 1GB for images is really not enough for me using lifetime. So I decide to build my own service. I am using Bluehost to host my site. This host provider provides UNLIMITED Hosting Space. So I can use my own host to store all of my images. The problem with host was solved.

The next problem is finding an open source script which allows to create album and embeddes this album to blog. And one of most important feature is this script must be on developing and will be developed in future. I do not like a dead script. A dead script contains always so many security hole . After some seconds searching with Google I found this open source gallery. I just download it and install at my site This open source gallery is very good. It support all basic features to manage, publish and share images and it is very easy to use.

The last step is the most difficult one. Although this script is very good, but it does not provides a simple way to embed an album to blog. So I must start a search again to find a solution for it. Luckily I found a SWF tool to publish and embed an album to blog. This tool call XML Mini Slideshow which can be found at follow link

And here is the result

Quake live – An interesting shooting game

Last night when I am wandering around at the site of SND group, I read a post of Ted which introduces about a game. This game is “Quake Live”. This is a shooting game. In this game you will control a character and kill the others with your weapon. It is very funny. I laughed all the time when I played it. I shot very bad and I am still slow to change my weapon. And the truth is I do not know the differences between weapons. But no problem, it is just a game.  An the result is : My accuracy is about 34%. I just shoot, yell out loud and …die.

My info

I find this game really funny. I can entertain with it. If you want play this game, you must register an account and activate it. After registering you will be requested to download a plug-in for your browser. The plug-in is not so big. It is about 4 MB. Just download it, install and you can play this game on browser. It is fantastic, isn’t it. We can play it anywhere. All we need is a browser and an Internet connection.

If you are not professional at shooting game (like me), then start to train in 10 or 20 minutes before you take part in a battle. It will help you to train and use the skills better.

I always chose the “Clan Arena” as my game type. In this game type we have 2 teams. Team Red and Blue. You will be a member of one team. All you must do is try to stay alive and kill the other teams. Sometimes your team will have more members than the others and sometimes less, it is dependent on … your luck. . But believe me, it is very interesting and funny. Let’s shoot, yell and … die.

My nick is rongchaua. Let’s sign in and shoot with me. I usually play at 22 Uhr. My time zone is GMT+1. Then… happy shooting. And the last question? Where is it? It is here. Quake Live.

Yahoo Archive Decode

Yahoo Messenger is a chat client using an existing Yahoo Mail account for
logging in. It provides a lot of interesting features, such as: voice chat,
webcam, conference… One of these features is allow the user to store their
chat text and view them again in future.
– To active this archive feature, go to Messenger -> Preferences ( Ctrl+Shift+P)
– Under Category, choose Archive -> Yes, save all of my messages and you
activated the archive feature.
– After activating archive, you can view the archive through Contacts -> Message Archive. Archive

DeSmart – Deobfuscator for {SmartAssembly}

{smartassembly} is a tool designed to produce better software, optimized, improved and protected. And DeSmart is a tool designed to do against what {smartassembly} do.

This tool is now on beta version. It renames namespace, class, and method to readable form, does some anti-obfuscate flow control.

  • Requirements : .NET Framework 2.0
  • Version:
  • Supported version of SmartAssembly
    • 3.x
    • 2.2
    • 1.x

All comments for this tool. Please post directly below

NOTE: If this tool doesn’t work with your packed assembly, send it to me.



  • [] : Bugfix in fixing branch and handling exception.
  • [] : Remove strong name after deobfuscating.
  • [] : Bugfix in decrypting string. It works now better.
  • [] : Support SA version 3.2. I am not sure if it works with older version. Need more tests.
  • [] : Restore up to 99% source code to readable form.
  • [] : Decrypt String + Anti-Flow-Control-Obfuscation.
  • [] : Beta Version

DeSmart Screenshot